Task Force Members Announced in Board Meeting Thursday

RSD Board President, Chris Cloud, after careful consideration following Thursday night's "working" school board meeting, would like to introduce the members of RSD's 'Ready for Learning Task Force.'  ' Ready for Learning Task Force' members;

Dr. Mark Gotcher, Superintendent/ Chairman Mr. Jason Golden, School Board representative Dr. Joe Cloud, State representative  Dr. Neylon Pilkington, Community Pediatric Physician representative Mr. Danny Hipps, RSD Parent representative Rev. Tom Scott, Community member representative Mr. Bob Burris, Community childcare representative  Mr. Zach Walker, RSD classified employee representative Mr. Ethan Hodge, RSD certified employee representative  Mr. Jeff Holt, RSD Safety coordinator Mrs. Danielle Stewart, RSD English as a second language(SEL) coordinator Mrs. Annie Schanink, RSD Nursing Coordinator

This community group will consider a district level response to the number of positive cases and number quarantined in the district. The Task Force will make recommendations to the Superintendent and the School Board, who will then be in contact with the Arkansas Department of Health, ADH.