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Grades - Students transition into earning percentage grades instead of checks and minuses on their report cards. 

Literacy - We use the Journeys curriculum for all Reading/Writing/Grammar/Word Study. You can access your child’s online portal through www-k6.thinkcentral.org. We have students on the computer typing several times a week.

Math - Third grade students work on learning multiplication facts. We use them throughout the year applying them to other math skills.

Science - We have started implementing Project Lead the Way. Students will be given the opportunity to have hands-on application time in the classroom. 

third grade teachers

Clubs - Students can start choosing a club to enrich their skills in certain areas. We have Fitness, Dance, Weaving, and Debate Club this year.

3rd grade

daily schedule

A photo of kickball team

Special Event - Third grade gets to participate in the district-wide Kickball Tournament. All the third-graders from Russellville elementary schools spend a day playing against each other at Hickey park. This allows students to begin seeing other students their own age who will join them in fifth grade.