In the CVE science Lab, learning is fun! Students are naturally curious, so they enjoy diving into hands-on and engaging lessons centered around natural phenomena. A phenomenon is simply an observable event and is interesting, complex, and aligned to the appropriate NGSS standard. Learning can be loud and messy in the lab, but it is an experience not easily forgotten.

Being exposed to different experiences at a young age allows students to find their passion before entering college or the workforce. It will be interesting to see what our students create in the future that started with this early foundation.

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Center Valley Robotics is an award winning, student led program.  We have two teams consisting of 3rd and 4th Grade students. The students work together to design, build, code, and drive competition robots. The coaches handle the behind-the-scenes business of the team. An adult team coach helps students find the resources they need (like practice space, materials, game rules, etc.), and may recruit additional mentors to help team members develop their skill sets.

The Robotics Team meets once a week to work on and test their robot design, construction, and code, and to document that work in an engineering notebook. At robotics competitions, which typically take place on weekends, teams use their robot to compete in predefined challenges to test its abilities. Each robotics competition has a specific list of requirements for the robot, and rules for the challenge. Most robotics competitions also include judged team interviews and assessments of the team’s robot and engineering notebook.

Studies across the past decade have shown that students who participate in robotics programs have a greater interest in technology and have increased technology skills, which may seem obvious. What isn’t as obvious is the wider range of skills and knowledge that students gain from participating in competitive robotics.

Center Valley Robotics Coaches are Morgan Balloun and Kim Bates.