Welcome to P.E.


At Center Valley, our goal in P.E. is to teach students the basic skills for movement, activity, and sports, in hopes that they find something that interests them and helps them keep moving throughout their lifetime. Each class comes to P.E. two times per week for 30 minutes. We teach units or activities for two weeks at a time and students learn a variety of skills from cup stacking, jumping rope, dancing, basketball, disc golf, and even fishing! In P.E., students learn to challenge themselves, to set goals and work towards them, and to work well with teammates, all while gaining more confidence in their abilities. We want all kids to have fun while learning and moving. In addition, we offer several special activities and opportunities throughout the year to encourage students and families to be active outside of school and at home. 

Meet the P.E. Teacher!





Jump Rope Club - Each student will get an opportunity to try out for the jump rope club during their P.E. time. Each grade level has different qualifications depending on their age.

Cruzer Club - Each student/family will have an opportunity to walk/run 13.1 miles from March to mid-April.

Fourth Grade - District Track Meet - Before transitioning to fifth grade, all fourth-graders meet at the RHS track and compete in a Track Meet through running events, relays, and field events.

Fitness Club - Third and fourth-graders get to choose between different specialty clubs to attend. We learn different routines and perform for the school and at basketball games.

Field Day is the best day of the entire school year! To make it happen, we always need parent helpers. Each spring, a school day is devoted to a variety of fun games and physical activities, and all classes participate in a rotation.

Third Grade - Kickball Tournament - Russellville School District third-graders get together at Hickey Park and play in a Round Robin Kickball tournament.

Farm to You (every other year) - All students rotate through stations learning where their food comes from, how it ends up on their table, and the benefits of eating healthy.

Second Grade - Lifetime Fitness Day - Russellville School District second-graders gather at the Russellville Country Club and rotate through multiple stations promoting lifetime physical activity: fishing, tennis, gold and lawn games.

Cup Stacking Day is a chance for all students to learn coordination and stacking skills while racing against the clock. What fun!