Welcome to the Art Studio with Ms. Crino!

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We are currently implementing the Teaching for Artistic Behavior (TAB) model for learning about and creating art at CVE. Teaching for Artistic Behavior (TAB) is choice-based art education that promotes student directed learning and helps students develop what it means to be an artist. Student directed learning means that the curriculum is flexible enough to meet the unique needs of each student individually while addressing the National Visual Arts Standards as well as those of the State of Arkansas.This means that students have control over their ideas and choose the materials to make those ideas into an art masterpiece. "As their art teacher, my job is to help students develop their artistic skills, and think and act like artists so that their ideas can flourish under their own criteria and direction." 

Art that is created in this meaningful context has relevancy and authenticity in your student's life. Student directed art looks different from the teacher directed art that you may be used to your child bringing home in the past. The art that your child brings home will look very much like “kid art” rather than art that is completely teacher directed. Instead of having students follow step by step directions, students are taught skills to create their own artwork from their own ideas. Creating art is vitally important to your child's wellness, brain activity and development, and supports imagination. "I can’t wait to be a part of what our amazing artists create this year!" - Ms. Crino

In the Art Studio at Center Valley we explore:

  • The 8 Artist Habits of Mind

  • The elements of art & the principles of design

  • Traditional & modern techniques of art making

  • Contemporary artists and artists and throughout art history

  • Art from cultures around the world

  • How art can impact others

  • How we can utilize art in terms of expression & creativity