• The elements of art & the principles of design

  • Traditional & modern techniques of art making

  • Famous artists throughout art history

  • Art from cultures around the world

  • How art can impact others

  • How we can utilize art in terms of expression & creativity


Students learn so many things in the art room! We draw, paint, sculpt, discuss, analyze, evaluate, and most importantly have FUN. Art skills, Art History, and Literacy are at the core of the curriculum, but other content areas are also incorporated, especially science, technology, and math. Our goals also include teaching responsibility, respect, compassion, good citizenship, critical thinking, and life skills. 3rd and 4th grade students also have the opportunity to participate in a Sewing Club in the fall, and a Culture Club in the Spring.

At Center Valley, the goal of our art program is to encourage the development of students’ skills that will enable and empower them for their future. By encouraging exploration and providing the freedom of choice, we hope to enable our children to become more versatile learners who are prepared to use their creativity and problem solving skills throughout their lives. Our art teacher hopes to always provide a loving, encouraging, respectful, and creative environment for our students so that they never feel afraid to make a mistake or ask questions.