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Library Media Framework BIG IDEAS

The following list is a summary of the topics taught within the Arkansas Library Media Curriculum. For grades K, 1, and 2 this year, GT enrichment standards will be incorporated into library media lessons as well.

1. Information Literacy - Identify, Access, Organize, Evaluate
●Library organization / locate resources
●Use online catalog (grades 2-4)
●Parts of a book / text features
●Generate questions (prior to accessing information)
●Gather information from a variety of print, non-print, and digital and other outside resources
●Use tools for navigating informational websites (grades 2-4)
●Select appropriate resources
●Examine information as fact or opinion, and point of view
●Strategies for gathering and managing information
●Draw conclusions and critique a completed task

2. Social Responsibility - Ethics, Communication, Collaboration
●Library policies and procedures
●Digital citizenship (online safety, cyberbullying, acceptable use)
●Copyright laws / plagiarism
●Citing sources
●Interpersonal communication skills (when collaborating)
●Work with others to identify and achieve a goal
●Share / convey information in a variety of formats
●Collaborate efficiently and effectively

3. Personal Growth - Read, Connect, Respond, Reflect
●Read for pleasure and personal learning
●Read from increasingly complex texts - informational, literary, and multicultural
●Reading strategies for comprehension
●Story elements
●Author’s purpose
●Literary awards
●Discuss new understandings
●Apply information literacy skills to meet individual needs
●React in a variety of ways to informational, literary, and multicultural texts
●Respond to information from various resources
●Recognize points of view and multicultural perspectives (3-4)
●Self-assessment tools
●Discuss how ideas change with more information and/or feedback
●Identify own strengths & weaknesses, and set goals for improvement