Meet the Guidance Counselor


Pam Stokes

Hello! I am the counselor at Crawford Elementary. I am very excited for this school year.

The role of the school counselor is to serve the children, parents, and community members of Crawford Elementary through a guidance program which is created to teach the “Whole Child.” The concept of the “Whole Child” means that not only is the counselor here to teach and support academics, study skills and career choices, but she is also here to teach the social and emotional skills that children need to be successful in life, such as compassion, empathy, responsibility, respect, relationships, etc. The counselor meets with students in the classroom every other week for a 30-minute lesson and activity on the focus word for the month. The counselor is also available to meet with students individually as needed and/or as small groups for extra skills lessons. Meeting with small groups and/or individual sessions can be for teaching conflict resolution, friendship skills, and social skills, etc.

The school counselor is also the test coordinator for Crawford Elementary. Throughout the year, I will be involved with implementing standardized testing that is mandated by the state. The building test coordinator responsibilities are training all faculty and staff for the tests being given, coordinating all student accommodation information, administering all make-up testing, and making sure that all testing materials are accounted for and returned to the district test coordinator by the end of the testing session.

I am also available to assist parents with meeting any of the needs their students may have. I am looking forward to a wonderful year at Crawford and being involved in all the special events throughout the year!