Sequoyah has had the good fortune through district funds, Reward and Recognition money, and support from the PTO to provide students access to a range of technological resources. Students have an opportunity to work with the following varied devices:

  • All third and fourth grade classes are 1:1 with student laptops; with fourth grade classrooms utilizing Google Classroom extensively
  • Each K-4 classroom has six to eight iPads. Galaxy tablets are available for student use in K-2nd grade rooms, as well
  • Our library houses six iMacs and six PCs, as well as a class set of iPads, which are shared by specialists
  • There are six 3-D printers in the STEAM room, which are utilized to extend science, math, and social studies concepts
  • The computer lab houses 26 desktops. Each kindergarten and first grade classroom attends the lab weekly for 30 minutes to learn beginning computer operating skills. Second, third, and fourth-graders go to computer lab twice weekly to learn keyboarding skills through the Typing Club program and to develop proficiency using multiple Google applications (docs, slides, sheets)

Laptops and tablets may be utilized in centers:

  • to support literacy and math skill development 
  • to enhance lessons as eBooks
  • to create multimedia presentations 
  • in conjunction with Project Lead The Way

These technology resources are used to incorporate computer science focused learning, including coding.